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7 Insights to finding your bliss on the mat

7 Insights to finding your bliss on the mat

Listen to the wisdom of your body. Tune in to how you feel in your yoga practice.  Notice the difference between times when you need to exert effort and times when you need to completely surrender.  Your body talks to you all the time, yoga is a way to practice listening to your body by allowing you space to truly honour what your body needs.

Say no… your teacher is there only as your guide. You know what it is that you need and what feels right for your body. You can be guided by a yoga teacher, however only you can know what your body feels like within a particular yoga pose or practice.  If something doesn’t feel right, you can say a gentle no, pause and move your body into a position that serves you better.

Say yes. Yoga gives us the opportunity to have fun, challenge our limiting beliefs and surrender into the moments within.  Say yes to you and all that you need to shine from the inside out. Feel the yes.

Notice your breath. When you feel stuck, come back to your breath. Your breath can guide you to feel better, think better and tune into the present moment where only the here and now exist.  If you are feeling frustrated, annoyed, or overly excited, come back to your breath and fully explore and experience it so that you can fully explore and experience your yoga practice.

Smile at yourself. Or even laugh at yourself if you feel the urge.  Some of the poses, breathing exercises and meditations may appear way beyond your reach or comprehension, and sometimes they can make us feel a little silly. So go ahead and have a good chuckle. Let it out.  There is no end in yoga.  It is a process and a practice and there will be times you just want to laugh and wonder what in the hell you got yourself into.

Go for it.

Meet yourself where you are. The beauty of being human is that we are all unique.  Our body shape, the lengths of our arms and legs, our breath and our abilities are all different.  When we embrace where we are at this particular moment in time, we can deeply appreciate our health and wellbeing and engage in what we are doing, regardless of our divine imperfections.  It makes space for the beautiful virtues of self-acceptance and surrender, and it can help us more greatly appreciate the differences in those around us.

Connect with others. Some pretty cool, fun and gorgeous people hang out at yoga.  Say hello, smile, and feel the connection.  The yoga community is a place to come together and share both the love for the practice and the love for your fellow yogis.  You don’t have to become best buddies, but there is something truly special about the connection of a community striving to promote better health and wellbeing as well as more peace, calm and ease in the world.  This alone can bring a sense of joy and connection before you even begin your class.

I’d love for you to add to this list! There are hundreds of ways to find your bliss on the mat.

So share away, and I can’t wait to hear what gives you bliss in your yoga practice.

Happy, whole-hearted living,

Kerry Spina


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