Childrens Yoga

About our Kids Yoga and Wellbeing program.

We deliver a 6 week program.

We have a maximum of 12 children in the class.

We facilitate a blend of yoga, values, craft and story time.

We have our 6 week program every school term.

We have our class on Wednesday afternoon 3.30pm – 5pm

We have amazing children’s yoga teachers who deliver the program; Fred Beattie and Kerry Spina.

We provide everything!

Term fees $135.00 for the 6 week term.

BOOKINGS are essential. At present this class is FULLY BOOKED.

Why Kids YOGA!

Children are the ultimate professionals when it comes to having fun.  Kids love yoga because it is not only fun but an opportunity for them to discover an exercise program that can bring so many benefits to their lives and relationships!.

Yoga is an exercise system that synergizes the body, the mind and the spirit.  Children feel stronger, more flexible and an overall sense of joy and peace when participating in Yoga classes.

Yoga moves, bends, releases, and empowers bodies of all ages.  It also stretches, and empowers the mind.  It can assist children to have more self-control and to let go and feel confident and wise in situations that they may have found challenging.  Yoga brings about a greater sense of purpose and understanding in all relationships – with themselves, their friends, family, community and world.  It can motivate the sporty child to become a better athlete and also give a greater sense of acceptance and confidence to the child that may be perceived or labelled clumsy.

Yoga isn’t about changing the child, it is about refining and nourishing what is already there.  It is about bringing to flower the natural beauty and essence of each individual child through the gift and opportunity of living a more peaceful and inspired life.

For more information about our beautiful children’s yoga and values program, please phone our centre on 07 4725 1992.